Bulatov V.V.
Introduction to mathematical modeling of
complex systems.
Moscow, OntoPrint Publishing,
2018, 342 pp. (in Russian) 

The monograph describes the basic problems of
mathematical modeling of complex systems.
The subject of this monograph is the
mathematical methods and approaches used in
models of complex systems. The fundamentals
of information theory, elements of coding
theory, postulates of complexity theory of
algorithms and algorithmic solvability,
elementary concepts of probability theory
and queuing, introduction to theoretical
aspects of cryptography are presented.
A significant place in the monograph is
devoted to a systematic presentation of
the main algorithms and methods of spectral
and non-spectral analysis with the purpose of
isolating useful signals using the example of
processing the results of field measurements
of random hydrophysical fields. For specialists
in the field of modeling complex systems.