Bulatov V.V., Vladimirov Yu.V.
New problems of surface waves mathematical
modeling. Kirov, International Centre of
Scientific and Research Projects,
2017, 318 pp. (in Russian)  

The monograph is devoted to the presentation
of new problems in the mathematical theory
of surface wave perturbations of inhomogeneous
media. The main mathematical models describing
the processes of excitation and propagation of
surface gravitational waves are investigated
in the monograph, asymptotic methods for
investigating distant wave fields are described,
methods for mathematical modeling of wave
dynamics of natural media are proposed, related
to the theoretical study of excitation processes
and the propagation of surface gravitational
waves in these media. The results of numerical
modeling of the dynamics of surface gravity waves
for real oceanological conditions are presented.
A significant place in the monograph is given to
comparison of the obtained analytical results with
the data of field measurements of hydrophysical
fields in the ocean. The monograph is intended
for specialists in the field of hydrophysics,
applied mathematics, mathematical modeling,
hydrodynamics, oceanology.