V.V.Bulatov, Yu.V.Vladimirov
Waves in stratified medium.
Moscow: Nauka Publishers,
2015, 735 pp (in Russian)


The monograph is devoted to the presentation
of the fundamental problems of wave dynamics
of natural stratified environments (ocean,
atmosphere). The book explored the basic
mathematical models describing the processes
of excitation and the package of internal
and surface gravity waves in a stratified
vertically, horizontally inhomogeneous and
nonstationary media are set asymptotic methods,
generalizing space-time ray method (the method
of geometrical optics). A significant place in
the monograph is given the analytical results
obtained compared with the measured data of
hydrophysical fields in the ocean. Designed
for professionals in the field of hydrophysics,
applied mathematics, mathematical modeling,
hydrodynamics, oceanography.