Bulatov, V.V. 
Economical growth and stock market.  
Nauka Publishing Company, 2004, 
two volumes 
(Vol. I - 353 pages, Vol. II - 256 pages ) 
(in Russian)

The summary

The first volume of monograph reviews wide range of acute debating points with respect to economical development. The author proceeds from the premise that the constant support of rapid economical development meets the national interests of Russia. The full restructuring of economics is vitally necessary to be carried out simultaneously with economical development. This fully affects Russia's place in the world among the other countries, and thus future and greatness of the country. Russia possesses all the necessary resources for both rapid manufacture development and its restructuring. The second volume of the monograph reviews the most complicated problem of foreign investments in Russia as well as analyzing the contradictory results of these investments for economical development. The work shows a range of measures to be assumed for the factors preventing economical development get weaker or reduced. Special attention is paid to the current stock market conditions and the directions for its development with the purpose of economical development and restructuring stimulation. The stock market entities are analyzed in details.