Bulatov V.V. 
The new architecture of capital market 
and financial space in Russia. 
Moscow, Nauka, 2009, pp.375 (in Russian) 


In the monograph we revealed the fundamental problems of financial economic space transformation, new architecture of domestic capital market, taking into account consequences of global financial crisis, as well as studied perspectives of creation of the international financial center in Russia. We also pay considerable attention to the problems of innovation and regional economic policy, perfection of methods of social and economic development of the country forecasting, and offer models for discussion of the emerging markets economical cycles. For the specialists in the field of economy, teachers and students of the same specialization. CONTENT INTRODUCTION. Capital market in Russia - influence of crisis: the new architecture and capabilities. 1. Modern governing of investment processes and their active orientation in national economy. 1.1. Evaluation of Russian enterprises investment demand and placement of funds for realization of great national projects. 1.2. Perspectives of escalation of capitalization and quality improvement of Russian issuers corporate management. 2. Globalization process and post-crisis transformation of Russian financial space. 2.1. Conceptual origin of world financial crisis of 2007 - 2008. 2.2. Russia attitude in the aspect of financial globalization and potentiality of post-crisis reconstruction. 2.3. Stages of security market emerging and characteristic of instruments in Russian capital market. 2.4. Support of stability and refunding of banking industry approachability amid the global crisis. 3. Extension of specter of investment instruments in Russian capital market. 3.1. Emerging of markets of debt instruments by means of placement of commercial and infrastructure papers. 3.2. Legislative and managerial documentation of mortgage securities market. 3.3. Commissioning of alternative funding market. 4. Consolidation and extension of commercial and clearing payments infrastructure. 4.1. Perspectives of creation of unified nationwide vertical integrated stock exchange holding and move up in the world "table of ranks". 4.2. Enhancement of efficiency of commercial and clearing payments infrastructure. 5. Development and implementation of the modern risk managements systems and prevention of crisis situation in financial sphere. 5.1. Development of the new technological innovations and risk managements systems. 5.2. Enhancement of efficiency of internal risks-oriented control and audit of financial mediators. 6. Concentration and diversification of fund mediation. 6.1. Rendering services to corporate clients in placement of securities, incorporation and mergence deals, debts refunding. 6.2. Extension of specter of services to individual persons by fund mediators. 7. Enhancement of efficiency of state capital market regulation and its strategy transformation. 7.1. Creation of effective system for regulation of professional participants and emitters activity in security market. 7.2. Prevention of dishonest activity on the stock market. 7.3. Prospect creation of common control body - megacontroller - on the Russian financial market. 7.4. Promotion and importance of self-regulation function of capital market participants. 8. Perspectives of creation of the international financial center in Russia. 8.1. Objective preconditions and capabilities of creation of the international financial center in Russia. 8.2. Conversion of a ruble into regional reserve currency. 8.3. Capability of creation of the necessary infrastructure for the international financial center. 8.4. Business competition with the existing international financial centers. 9. Problems and perspectives of innovation. 10. Forecasting methods of social and economical development. 11. Economical circles and declining dynamic models of the emerging markets. 12. Elements of the regional and economical policy. CONCLUSION LITERATURE