Bulatov V.V. Modern economical theory and practice.  
Moscow, Nauka, 2007, pp.232 (in Russian) 


The present book involves a number of essays devoted to description of some fundamental problems of the modern economical theory and practice, connected with the development of Russian economy and control of the present development. We pay much attention to modernization of forecasting of social and economical development of the country methods. We contemplate methods of interaction of federal center and regions as well as offer models of economical circles of emerging markets for discussion. The present edition is meant for the specialists in the field of economy, teachers and students of the specialized higher educational establishments. CONTENT Introduction Essay No 1. Innovation. Essay No 2. Efficiency of the state enterprises. Essay No 3. Enterprise in the market economy. Essay No 4. Methods of forecasting of social and economy development. Essay No 5. Economical circles and non-linear dynamic models of emerging markets. Essay No 6. Federal centers and regions. The present book of essays represents a logical prolongation of the author's series of works, covering the matters connected with structural reconstruction of economy, economic growth, state and corporate management. Actuality of the fundamental problems of economic development, revealed in the present work, is generally, connected with the following. We see that last years demonstrate the stable tendency of economic growth in Russia. Gold and foreign currency reserves reached up to $ 400 thousand million as of 01.12.2006, including reserves of Central Bank of Russia, i.e. more than $ 300 thousand million and stabilization fund in the amount of about $ 100 thousand million. All these reserves contain 20 thousand of tones in golden equivalent, i.e. 8 times more than maximum, achieved previously, during the whole history of Russia and Soviet Union in early 50th last century, which namely amount 2, 5 thousand tones of gold. It is important to point out that living standards of people gets gradually higher, though not so quick as it is expected. However, according to popular opinion, Russia has all necessary foundations to demonstrate high temp of real social and economic development. The present bouillabaisse of essays about modern economical theory and practice considers actual matters relating to participation of the state in solution of the most complicated economic and social problems that were not discussed previously. The theme connected with the interaction between federal center and regions is paid great attention to. The author offers a number of economic models for discussion. He does not pretend to the overall revealing such non-trivial economic tasks but at the same time he considers that it is necessary that the problems stipulated bellow should be lightened in more details.