Scientific Projects

The Russian Fund of BasicResearchers № 93-013-17702 "Asymptotic methods in linear and non-linear problems in hydro- and gasdynemics" №96-01-00937 "Singular asymptotic solutions for linear and non-linear equations in hydro- and gasdynamics" №96-01-01120 "Internal gravity waves in inhomogeneous media: generation, propagation, measure data handling" №98-05-64606 "Five approaches to the study of internal tide waves in the Nothern part of the Pacific Ocean" №99-01-00856 "Critical phenomena at the internal waves generation and propagation in inhomogeneous media: theory and field studies" №09-05-00363 ”Non-harmonic wave packets dynamics in stratified medium” № 10-01-00020 “Mathematic modeling of stratified medium wave dynamics” №11-01-00335 "Stability and instability of flows with interfaces" №12-05-00227 “ Dynamics of wave processes in conditions of the Arctic basin ” №12-05-93086 “ Internal waves, mixing and ice cover interactions in the marginal ice zone at subcritical and supercritical latitudes of the Barents Sea ” №13-05-00151 “Internal gravity waves in inhomogeneous non-stationary ocean” №14-01-00071 "Internal and surface waves in inhomogeneous and non-stationary ocean" №14-01-00466 "Dynamics and stability of flows with interfaces" №14-08-00701 "Modeling of specific interaction scenarios of offshore oil and gas facilities with ice formations in shelf areas of the Arctic Seas" №15-05-00030 "Dynamics of internal and surface waves in inhomogeneous medium" №20-01-00111А «Internal gravity waves in ocean: modelling, inhomogeneity, non-stationarity, shear flows» Russian Science Fund №14-17-00017 "Internal and surface waves in inhomogeneous medium: theory and application" INTAS № 94-2187 "Nonlinear and singular partial differential equations and applications" International Science Foundation №№M3L000, M3L300 "The evaluation of fields excited by oscillating sources moving in stratified fluids and in general dispersive media: the construction of the uniform asymptotic and the creation of the effective computer programs" Federal Purpose Oriented Program "The World Ocean" The Russian Federal Minestry of Science Program on Iintegrated exploration of the world oceans and seas, Arctic and Antarctic Regions Programme of Russian Academy of Sciences "Fundamental problems of oceanology"